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About us

World-class healthcare at your home!

At 24NU health care, your loved one can avoid being sent to long-term care facility or nursing home. Home care helps the loved ones avoid being readmitted to the hospital. Home healthcare costs significantly less than many other forms of care. Patients experience higher morale when they heal at home.

Our Services

Homecare Services

We provide 6 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours service to our prestigious customers by understanding their needs and requirements. Needs specified by the Doctors of reputed hospitals/ nursing homes and consultants are also attended.

Our staff are trained suitably for special needs of aged persons, middle age persons suffering from chronic diseases, youngsters suffering from birth-time diseases and people who met with accidents and recovering at homes.

Home Attendants

Providing care round the clock at the comfort of your home to help your loved ones recover faster and better.
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How it helps you stay healthy

We create happiness and health lifestyle at the comfort of your sweet homes!
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Applicants can request for our home care services using our booking form
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We Callback
Our representative will call you and collect further details and will assign the right patient care officer to serve you at your sweet home.
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Submit a copy of all your necessary health-related documents to our patient care officer to serve you better.
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Stay Healthy
Depending on the service opted, our patient care officer takes complete care of the needy. Let’s create a smile!

Our commitment

Reason why you should choose us

Based on the specific needs, we offer wide range of suite of services that assist patients with mobilizing, feeding, help with toileting, and assist in medication, base in-light housekeeping.
Get the best services from experienced experts in caregiving industry.

On-time Delivery

We set accurate schedules and follow closely to achieve efficiency.

Affordable Prices

We charge based on the conditions, needs, and budgets of customers.

Professional Attitude

We guarantee all staff would have an appropriate attitude towards patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you have any questions related to our health care services, billing methods, treatment plan, disease diagnosis, etc. please contact us for more info.
01. How do I get health care when I need it?
You can use our Website to book our services. We callback and send in our Patient Care Officer to your home.
02. What are the duties carried out by your attendants?
Taking over-all care of the patient/aged persons during the specified time.
Timely feeding
Helping the patient/aged person attending to toilet
Changing diapers for bed ridden/immobile patients
Grooming hairs, changing cloths
Giving hot water or sponge bath
Assist in walking inside or outside the house for weak persons
Accompanying to Doctors, Hospitals or Nursing Homes for check up
Coordinating with the members of family for Patient's care

Duties not covered within the scope
Rile Feeding
Inserting urinary catheter
Clinical procedures
Any other service which is normally given by trained NURSES
03. Are there any additional service charges involved?
No. All charges are upfront communicated at the time of booking.